“I cannot say enough about the great service DFI has provided and the value and solutions they continue to bring and has brought to difficult projects. I have never found a situation where they said”We can’t do that”. I can always rely on them to provide a robust and economic solution and frequently one that exceeds our vision of what is possible. I like the way they help me guard against unnecessary spending. They bring considerable support  and they are all great guys to work with. Always on time or ahead of schedule.”


 Process Engineer at Caterpillar Inc.

“Our global company has been a customer of DFI for many years, we have an excellent representative  and is very typical of their entire staff. They will go the extra mile to make sure we get what we need and on time. DFI believes in customer support!”


 VP Information Technology at Learning Curve Brands

“DFI rescued us from a disastrous forms program that we had entered with another contracted forms vendor. It is the first time we’ve experienced a truly seamless transition. DFI took care of gathering all the right information, all the forms, staff training and meeting with the end users. When the day came to make the switch, it was like we had been working with them forever.

The Sales Rep and CSR are always available to take care of any of our form needs. I very much appreciated the extensive knowledge and experience of the DFI team. It was obvious from day one that they both have been truly managing forms for many years. When it comes to forms, there is nothing like experience.”


 Wisconsin Hospital

“Since switching to DFI in 2001, we have increased our efficiency, decreased our expenses exponentially, and received support that has been unparalleled.”

-Coordinator, Printed Materials and Records Retention with one of the largest Health Systems in the Midwest

 Indianapolis Hospital

“The brochures look great. Our pieces are just as impressive as materials from multi-billon dollar companies. Appreciate the work.”

-National Director of Sales

 Indiana Medical Company

“DFI and all sales associates consistently go above and beyond with customer service. In addition, they have been extremely helpful in identifiying methods for our hospital to save money. I truly value our business relationship”


 Michigan Hospital