Hospital Labels
Our healthcare reps average over 20 years servicing this industry and provide trusted knowledge of all hospital labels. DFI provides hospital labels to over 200 clients and this list includes some of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S. Our labels and solutions have helped these facilities improve the safety and care of patients, maintain compliance and manage costs. - More Info
Hydraulic Hose Labeling & Parts Identification
When labeling hydraulic hoses, it is imperative that the label can withstand extreme conditions yet have a bar code that can be read after exposed to a harsh environment. DFI has developed products to specifically address challenges such as these. We have provided a solution for an aluminum tag that required a bar code on demand and had to withstand temperatures exceeding 700 degrees. We also developed a label for a hydraulic hose that featured a unique 2D bar code and was self-laminating to protect the label from extreme chemicals and temperatures. - More Info
Parts Labeling & Bar Code Solutions
DFI provides the experience and technical expertise to help companies of any size label and ship their product utilizing bar code technology. DFI has provided these solutions to companies such as ALCOA, John Deere, Caterpillar, Walgreens, Goodyear and others. - More Info
Frozen Food Labels, Bakery Labels, Meat Labels & Deli Labels
Food Labels are probably the most important tool in marketing food products. Not only do they need to contain attractive graphics, but contain accurate and up to date FDA important ingredient information. On top of all of this the label needs to adhere to the food packaging and stay on while kept in cold environments and freezers. DFI has over 20 years of experience in designing and producing effective and successful food labels. - More Info  
Shrink Sleeve Labels/ Flexible Packaging

Shrink Sleeve
360-degree label otherwise known as a wrap-around label that form fits to the uniquely shaped package it is designed for.  Flexible & Strong – Most shrink sleeves print reverse print on the inside of the sleeve on a 40-70microns of clear film. This helps with scratching and scuffing during transit.  Sustainability – Newer shrink sleeves in use today use more biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. Sleeves can be removed easily from plastic bottling for easy recycling.  Unique Packaging Options – Shrink sleeves can be applied to any type of container, whether it be glass, plastic, or even metal.  Versatility – Expanded Content Labels can be applied to shrink sleeves.  Design Impact with a brightly colored and beautifully designed label shrunk to fit and cover your entire package.  With the stretch sleeve label covering the entire package, there’s plenty of room to provide any information you need.  Design changes can be made quickly and much more economically. If need be, changes can also be made during a press proof and be run on the press shortly thereafter.  Security shrink sleeves are for “tamper-evident” brands. These can be printed with warning labels or an accompanying safety seal. The labels can be perforated at the opening.  More Info on Shrink Sleeve

Flexible Packaging
Vast array of bags, pouches, sachets, wraps, from films to foils. This product when filled and sealed, acquires a pliable shape that can be closed with a zipper and hung on a display by adding a punch hole.  Printing process offers reduced costs and is a great short run option with superb quality.  Easily test out different designs, run promotions or provide branded packaging.
More Info Flexible Packaging/ Expanded Content Labels

Expanded Content Labels
Boost product sales with on-pack booklet labels. Packaging attracts the consumer's attention and effectively communicates advertising messages. Add on-pack instant coupons which are more effective than free-standing inserts.  Foldout labels are ideal for all kinds of coupons and on-pack promotions to move your product or offer "tie-ins" with other products, and they offer plenty of room for those extended barcodes.  Many products require extensive text to meet legal and/or regulatory guidelines. Everything from nutritional information and cautions for use can be included. Reduce costs and reach new markets by providing instructions and/or legal text in two or more languages.

Medical Cannabis Labels & Custom Cannabis Labels
Give your cannabis labels a distinctive brand feel, build trust with your customers and cost-effectively meet state regulations by working with DFI’s experienced team. DFI will assist you in navigating regulations to get great labels for cannabis oils labels, edibles labels, topical labels, tinctures … and all cannabis labels.

DFI can support short to medium runs, and can accommodate large production runs as well. No matter how many you need, your custom cannabis labels will be delivered in time to meet your schedule.

DFI uses digital printing and flexo printing to create custom cannabis labels and cannabis labels with bold, bright colors and crisp, clear graphics. Our digital printing process is ideal for short to medium sized runs, while flexo printing is more common for larger print runs. Both printing options offer unique benefits that may make them better suited to your specific needs, regardless of quantity. We will work with you to determine which printing process is right for your project.

We understand that the rules and regulations for cannabis labels can change frequently, and may be interpreted and enforced differently from state to state or even city to city. DFI’s secure on-line ordering tool can be customized for you to include your latest updated images to help you manage the constant changes and revisions to your cannabis labels.

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