Hospital Labels

Our healthcare reps average over 20 years servicing this industry and provide trusted knowledge of all hospital labels. DFI provides hospital labels to over 200 clients and this list includes some of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S. Our labels and solutions have helped these facilities improve the safety and care of patients, maintain compliance and manage costs.

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Parts Labeling & Bar Code Solutions

DFI provides the experience and technical expertise to help companies of any size label and ship their product utilizing bar code technology. DFI has provided these solutions to companies such as ALCOA, John Deere, Caterpillar, Walgreens, Goodyear and others.

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Fold Under Ship Labels
Transform The Way You Ship

Combine your Shipping Labels, Packing Slips and return labels
– Several formats, Thermal Printers and Laser
– All in 1 combination Label perfect for companies that ship many single carton orders

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Frozen Food Labels, Bakery Labels, Meat Labels & Deli Labels

Food Labels are probably the most important tool in marketing food products. Not only do they need to contain attractive graphics, but contain accurate and up to date FDA important ingredient information. On top of all of this the label needs to adhere to the food packaging and stay on while kept in cold environments’ and freezers . DFI has over 20 years’ experience in designing and producing effective and successful food labels.

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Hydraulic Hose Labeling & Parts Identification

When labeling hydraulic hoses, it is imperative that the label can withstand extreme conditions yet have a bar code that can be read after exposed to a harsh environment. DFI has developed products to specifically address challenges such as these. We have provided a solution for an aluminum tag that required a bar code on demand and had to withstand temperatures exceeding 700 degrees. We also developed a label for a hydraulic hose that featured a unique 2D bar code and was self-laminating to protect the label from extreme chemicals and temperatures.

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Grocery Store Labels & Retail Store Labels

DFI’s labels can be found in the largest retail stores and grocery stores nationwide. DFI’s product offering includes shelf labels, point-of-purchase displays, deli, bakery and meat department scale labels. Our goal is to provide products that help our customers expand on their own marketing and brand message whether it’s labels, signage packaging or promotional retail products.

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