Healthcare Labels

DFI continues to provide innovative leadership in healthcare labeling. We help you to collect, distribute and communicate healthcare information while improving your supply chain.

Our sales and customer service teams are all highly-trained specialists with decades of experience in healthcare labeling. Together with our design team, we have developed many custom label solutions to enhance patient safety and provide business efficiencies for our clients.

All DFI products also meet important patient safety guidelines of The Joint Commissin, FDA, AHA and HIPAA.

The DFI product line includes:

  • Admission Labels & Wristbands
  • Nursing Labels
  • Laboratory Labels
  • Pharmacy Labels
  • Drug Tapes and Labels
  • Radiology Labels
  • Allergy Labels
  • Central Service Labels

Click HERE to access DFI’s Healthcare Label Catalog.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here, contact your DFI representative.

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